About This Blog

If you are looking for more information about Palmetto Quinn start here.

Topics I plan to cover: 

This is a personal blog so I plan to write about anything that interest me, but for the most part I think my interest fall into a few basic categories: Personal musings, Philosophy, Politics, Business, Technology, and Current Events. I reserve the right to talk about things that aren’t remotely related to any of those topics.

Fellow Bloggers and Readers: 

I welcome and enjoy comments, discussions, exchanging guest posts, and co-authoring posts with other bloggers. If you are interested in that sort of thing shoot me an email at palmettoquinn [at] outlook.com.

Comments and Conversations:

The only comments I moderate are blog spam, but I reserve the right to remove comments if it becomes necessary. I ask that everyone is respectful and courteous – even if you happen to disagree. I will do the same.