Obsession and Moderation

Since mid-2016 I have been an entrepreneur. Starting a business has consumed me. I think about my  business before bed. I think about my business on vacation. I am obsessed. Obsessed because I love it and also because I’ve put too much of myself into it to allow the chance of failure.

Such obsession seems extreme and counter to my typical feelings about the necessity of moderation and balance. However; I think short bursts of obsession are part of balance.

Short bursts of obsession allow one to master a skill. To conquer a complicated task. To achieve anything above the average.

Great philosophers obsess. Great inventors obsess. Thoreau obsessed on Walden Pond. Jefferson obsessed about America. I obsess about my business. Later in life I’ll obsess about something else.

Perhaps the key is to master obsession to achieve balance and moderation. Find time for family. Find time to breathe. Balance in times of obsession. Obsession allowing, in the long run, for a life of balance.


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