The Ingredients for Happiness

The root of happiness has to be accurate self analysis followed by the courage to follow-up on what you find within yourself.

Self analysis because before you can follow-through with a plan you have to know what you want. Not that you want more money or a nice car, but what factors inside yourself truly drive inner fulfillment.

Courage because once you understand what fulfillment looks like you have to be willing to follow-through with the plan to get there. It might sound counter-intuitive that courage is required to by happy, but sometimes what makes you happy might not be what society (or even you) defines as traditional success.

Maybe inner fulfillment means leaving a “dream” job. Maybe it means living in a smaller home. Or perhaps it means risking security for a dream. All of these things require a certain degree of courage.

Self analysis, follow-through, and courage. Those are the ingredients for happiness.


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